Photoshop JPEG World Satellite 1 km resolution

World Satellite 1 km resolution

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The satellite image of the world at1 km per pixel resolution gives an image 43,200 pixels wide by 21,600 pixels high giving an image24 feet wide at 150 dpi. The uncompressed file size is3 GB, Projection is defined as Plate Carree/ Geographical / Linear. The map is supplied in 9 files which can be easily pasted together to provide the completeWorld satellite map.

The satellite systems used offer frequent global coverage, but do not acquire images in true color. To simulate natural colorsover the land, red and near-infrared wavelengths are used to differentiate land cover types on the basis of their spectral reflectance characteristics. Ground-level, aerial and orbital photography are then used to assign red, green and blue color values to known feature types, giving realistic land surface color for anywhere in the world.

Ocean color is derived from a combination of ocean depth and ocean chlorophyll observations. Polar areas covered by sea ice are derived from individual optical images. On land, the courses of rivers are merged in from a digital map database and the appearanceof physical features has been enhanced by hill-shading using a digital terrain model.