USA Relief 50 State Map Package Collection

USA Relief West 19 State Map Package Collection

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Mountain High Maps USA Relief Map Collection of each US State is a high quality fully editable shaded relief and geopolitical vector map in Cartographic projection.Each state map portfolio is supplied with five alternative shaded relief topo relief maps and a comprehensive set of layers of editable features and names including coastlines, rivers, interstate / major roads, railroads, county, state and international borders, town locations, town names text and latitude/longitude grids. The JPEG relief maps can be modified in Photoshop and the EPS maps can be easily and quickly loaded into desktop design, typically Illustrator, for publishing, presentation for the highest quality geographical representation.

The USA Relief collection of 50 US states exceeds 8 GB and 400 files.  The entire USA State Relief Map collection is split into separate East US and West US collections and division between East and West follows approximately the 95º line of longitude or the Mississippi River. 

West: Alaska   Arizona   California   Colorado   Hawaii   Idaho   Kansas   Montana   Nebraska   Nevada   New Mexico  North Dakota   Oklahoma   Oregon   South Dakota   Texas - East   Texas - West   Utah   Washington   Wyoming