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GlobeShots from Digital Wisdom effectively puts the entire earth into the reach of any desktop publisher. GlobeShots is a unique CD-ROM collection of digitally enhanced global views shot from fifteen different strategic viewpoints.

Building on the models developed over twenty-man years for Mountain High Maps, the GlobeShots views are significantly more dramatic than those of comparable satellite images. Different backgrounds, effects, colorizations and resolutions provide a library of 267 different images. To emphasize relief, the vertical features are magnified by a factor of twenty over the horizontal scale.

Users can simply place the high-resolution four-color images into their documents as pieces of clipart. GlobeShots is extensively used in corporate presentations, magazines, multimedia, advertising, logo generation, annual reports, television production, and many other applications.

The GlobeShots CD-ROM includes a self-contained image browser for previewing thumbnails of the entire collection. Keyword retrieval allows image sub-sets to be assembled using such words as "Africa" or "Europe." The on-line reference guide also includes a view catalog for the entire Mountain High Map collection.

Where previously the cost of a photo stock was expensive or not appropriate for your project, you can now customize and liven up your presentation or artwork with GlobeShots images. If you already use photographic material, you can use GlobeShots to prototype a layout for a client without going to the expense of photo stock material. The competitive pricing and allows use in advertising, promotional material, corporate presentations, multimedia and many other applications.

MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS GlobeShots® is published on a hybrid CD-ROM disc for PC/Windows/Unix (ISO 9660) or Macintosh (HFS format) computers. These images can be opened by any software package that imports TIFF (high resolution library), PICT or BMP format (low resolution library) files from a CD-ROM drive. The album pack includes CD-ROM with interactive user guide, warranty and registration card, and license agreement.

The collection of 267 RGB globe images are divided as follows:
103 High resolution 300dpi, TIFF (Mac/Windows), 13.9 Mb, 2200 x 2200 pixels, made up of:
60 Globes with white backgrounds in four consistent color schemes
21 Globes with colored backgrounds in the same four color schemes
22 Interchangeable backgrounds including Blend, Halo and Star effects
Multiple Cloud foreground effects
Sets of circle and shading masks to cut-out and edit globes
164 Low resolution 72dpi, PICT (Mac) or BMP(Windows), 900 Kb, 640 x 480 pixels with colored backgrounds

The CD-ROM data occupies the full capacity of 650 Mbytes divided for both platforms. The high resolution maps are 13.9 Mbytes and are compressed to approx 2.2 Mbytes using LZW allowing the files to open and decompress directly into most applications.

Horizontal scale of the globes is in the order of 1:17,000,000 giving a resolution of 4,500 meters per pixel. The vertical scale is 1:800,000, with contour intervals of 250 meters. To emphasize relief, the elevation scales have been exaggerated by 20 times the normal elevation factor.

The 267 globes on the GlobeShots CD-ROM are categorized into 15 strategic viewing areas which cover the most important land masses, economic centers, geo-political and physical points of interest. The HR and LR numbers indicate the number of high resolution and low resolution images on the GlobeShots CD-ROM: