CoolMaps World 250 EPS Map Graphics Collection

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COOLMAPS® World is a unique collection of instant designer World Views using a wide variety of dramatic and special effects. To emphasize the images, each World View has been given a different designer theme, texture, perspective or style. The views of the World are dramatic, artsy maps that can be quickly transferred into desktop design, publishing, presentation, draw, paint, or image editing programs for professional-quality presentations. 

The 250-map World Views collection can be cataloged by design style as follows: Bulge 10; Curve 29; Flat 5; Globe 24; Perspective 54; Sketch 7; Swirl 17; Undulate 28; Vortex 15; Warp 34; Wave 27. CoolMaps V.1.1 Vector high resolution images are supplied in EPS Illustrator format, and range from 0.5 to 2.5 Mbytes file size with a number of layers that allow customization using Adobe Illustrator.